une réunion à Yale !

I’m breaking the news before it’s official, but word is that a French in Action reunion WILL happen at Yale University October 29-31.  Charles Mayer left a message in the Discussion section last week. I shot an e-mail off to the Professor to ask if it were true and today I received a response.

Professor Capretz writes:
Yes, indeed, we are planning a FIA Reunion for October 29-31 in Yale, because of you: visitors to your blog have suggested it.
Of course everybody interested will be welcome. We will mail an announcement and, of course will send a message to your blog as soon as the plans are fairly definite. At this time we expect « Mireille » and « Robert » to be present as well as many members of the old gang. We are thinking of talking about how FIA got to happen, having a round-table about learning and teaching with FIA, showing some  students brilliant and funny accomplishments in Reinvention de l’histoire, and showing how FIA is going interactive. We will welcome any suggestions that you and visitors to your blog would be kind enough to  send.

Don’t keep him waiting, send in your suggestions as comments below!

However, on a very worrysome note, Prof Capretz  relates that he’s recuperating from recent heart problems.  I know all FIA fans join me in wishing him a speedy recovery.  I hope it will do his heart good to see and meet many of us for whom FIA has been hugely important and useful in our lives!

Here’s a suggestion: how about a FIA Halloween party (all 80’s music, of course) with prizes for the best FIA look-alikes?

Hope to see you in New Haven, Connecticut at the end of October!

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  1. It’s my hope that someone will shoot a DVD of the reunion for those unable to attend or wishing a souvenir. There are a number of businesses that specialize in this kind of thing for high school reunions, but I know of none in the Yale area.

  2. I’m going to do my best to attend! I owe SO much to Mr. Capretz and French in Action. It really changed how I looked at language learning and most importantly, helped me to actually learn French! It is a masterpiece that deserves celebrating and I definitely will do everything I can to get there! I still use French in Action in my teaching and can’t wait to see the third edition.

  3. indeed, the reunion is listed on the Yale French Department’s Web Page:


    hélas, no info….

  4. Best wishes to Le Prof. Please keep us all updated on his progress and the details of this upcoming event!

  5. Ah, unfortunately I will be in Europe then.
    Je souhaite le professeur et tous les autres une tres bonne reunion! Merci encore pour le fabuleux travail que vous avez fait pour tous ceux qui aiment le francais!

  6. Wow, this will indeed be an event! Too bad I live in Brazil… And of course, I also wish the fastest recovery possible for professor Capretz!

  7. Thank you for passing on this great news! It would be nice if they could film portions of the reunion or discussion groups so that those of us who live too far to attend could still see a bit of what took place. It would be great if they could make them available to post on this site afterwards.

  8. Great news about the reunion. What will be open to the public? Will there be a discussion and Q&A during the event?

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