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Il y a vingt ans, French in Action, an ambitious French language video course for anglophones debuted in the classroom and on public television. It was the brainchild of Professor Pierre Capretz of Yale University and was produced by WGBH, Yale and Wellesley College with funding from Annenberg/CPB. The world has never been the same for those of us who fell under its spell.

« Nous allons inventer une histoire… » repeats the gray-haired Professor Capretz with a twinkle in his eye as the adventure begins. Robert (« Rhobehrrrr » played by Charles Mayer), an easily disoriented lad in a Yale T-shirt with suspiciously good French for an “American” (his mother was supposed to have been French) is visiting Paris “pour se trouver.” He falls for Mireille (Valérie Allain), a beautiful blonde studying art history at the Sorbonne. (If you are a hetero male, you fall for her, too. Allain as Mireille is unlike anything we Americans have ever seen.) Mireille lives with her parents and her sassy younger sister Marie-Laure (Virginie Contesse) at 18, rue de Vaugirard. Throughout the series they are stalked by a mysterious moustachiod man in black (Jean-Claude Cotillard, who also serves as the show’s mime). There is a certain Dharmic quality to the relentless cycling on public television of Robert’s clumsy, unconsummated courtship of Mireille in the summertime Paris of 1985. Whatever the year, whatever the season, and however bad your day’s been, c’est une belle matinée de printemps au jardin du Luxembourg et Mireille, qui porte son pull blanc et sa jupe rouge, arrive comme une fleur. This is escapism of the best kind: educational.

Capretz’s innovation was to provide total immersion in French (and only French) conversation, spoken at natural cadence, from lesson 2. A bit scary, but each episode the charming Professor himself is there to dissect the opening dialogue sequence aided by entertaining animations and video clips from French cinema and TV until we understand it completely (ou presque). After 52 half hour lessons we are changed forever and as a happy accident we can speak French (ou presque). Says John Walker on the Cool Tools website « Simply by watching this series of videos through two times, you could parachute into Abidjan and get along in day to day life from the moment you hit the ground. It’s that good. Really. » (Walker assumes that you would make it to the ground without a bullet in you.) As a language course, French in Action is unparalleled. But twenty years on, it is clear that FIA is much more. It is a monument to Mitterand-era Paris and French culture, to the breathtaking splendor of then 20-year old Valérie Allain and to the genius of Dr. Capretz. Merci, professeur. Du fond du coeur merci.

Until recently there was a blog by New York City writer Liliana Segura at A post there about Valérie Allain written in 2003 (that shamelessly repeated untruths about the actress) engendered a four-year comments thread about FIA that became the de facto fan site. Over this period anyone Googling information on Allain or FIA landed there. Even Charles Mayer, the French Canadian actor who played Robert found the thread and contributed his recollections to the delight of all. A link to fancyrobot on Wikipedia’s Valérie Allain page referred to it as a “cult page.” The link is still there, mais helas, Fancy Robot the blog is no more. I had thought that four years of conversation had vanished into the ether until a visitor here put me onto The Fancy Robot FIA discussion is available from this site from the link above, and is also reproduced as a separate page on this blog for easier reading.

As an expression of my desire to resurrect the spirit of the Fancy Robot thread, I submit this site to you, dear FIA fan, as a place to enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow cultists and to keep the conversation going. I will add posts to site when I have time, but I hope my role will take a back seat to yours. One thing I will ensure is that our discussion remains civil and respectful. If you’re looking for vid caps of Mlle Allain sans son pull blanc there are places on the internet to go, but one of them won’t be here. The rude behavior that now characterizes the formerly more respectable Yahoo! Valérie Allain fan group you will find nulle part here at FIA fans.

Alors, commençons!


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  1. Thankss for a great read

  2. Thank you for reading, Elise!

  3. Hello I love French in Action and am determined to finsih the program. Alas I can not get my hands on the audio for Lessons 27-52. Does anyone know where I can find the audio cassettes for Workbook Part 2. Please help Merci

  4. RI can mail you a 1990 letter from my father which explains the whole thing. Please get in touch with me. Jim

  5. Jim, this is really interesting! You know, what we need is an interview with Prof. Capretz so we can learn about the early history of French in Action. I’d love to learn more about your father and the original French in Action. I will look for the 1948 book when I get back to the States. Thanks for this information!


  6. Nice to set the record straight Jim. I imagine that there are very few students who know that. I remember seeing Mireille and Robert as a cartoon film strip in a presentation at the Northeast Conference in 1977. How I miss them!

  7. To add to your recollection, my father, the late Jean Boorsch, developed French in Action during WW2 at Yale. He invented Robert and Mireille, and their adventures are first described in Methode Orale de Francais, copyright 1948. Those two volumes are still available in libraries. Pierre Capretz took over and developed the television version with a grant from the Annenberg Foundation. But the immersion method itself, as well as the characters, date bate to WW2 when many naval officers at Yale submitted to it. Jim Boorsch

  8. I’m glad you’re not allowing any of the naked photos on this site. You wouldn’t believe how many hits in English I get for « Mireille nue »!

  9. I discovered FIA on our local PBS station about a month ago and have been a faithful watcher ever since. Of course, Valerie Allain is the main draw, but Le Professeur is also a lot of fun (in a different way, of course). I had an amazing French teacher my first year of college (actor Frederic O’Brady, who had been at Princeton) who also believed in the immersion method, so the tactics on FIA are familiar. I’ll keep checking in here to see what you discover.

  10. that sounds cool.. maybe you could even have it formatted / cleaned up a little bit (it’s hard to go through as it looks now on the archive site)

  11. That’s fantastic…it’s both cool and kinda scary that everything posted on every blog is saved for posterity. I’m considering reposting the complete thread on a link here. Any reason not to?

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