Séparé à la naissance?

Is it just me, or does Dominique de Villepin, the former French Prime Minister (now under investigation for his role in an alleged smear campaign against Nicolas Sarkozy back in 2004), resemble our beloved Professor Capretz un petit peu?



FIAfans gets its own domain name, looks for authors

So, we ponied up the 15 clams and dispensed with the « wordpress.com » at the end of our name (much as we are liking wordpress right now) to become simply fiafans.org. Easy to remember, n’est-ce pas?

I am looking for contributors who would like to write blog entries from time to time. Send me an example blog article (related in some way to FIA, bien sûr). If I like it I’ll put it up here and designate you as an author, meaning you are free to post as many blog entries as you’d like, whenever you like, without my involvement (I won’t have to approve your post). I retain administrator privileges, but will only nuke something by someone who exhibits signs of being «mal élevé».

I am especially interested in hearing from anyone involved in the production of FIA. Why not share your reminiscences with those who love what you made twenty years ago?

Use the form below the fold to contact me. Lire la suite

Qu’est-ce qu’elles disent?


More than once during the course of FIA we are treated to this cute scene of Mireille and Marie-Laure playing this children’s game.

They sing in unison:

«Je te tiens, tu me tiens par la barbichette, la première qui rira aura une tapette.»

A «Barbichette» is a goatee according to the Ultralingua dictionary on my ‘puter. Makes sense, even though neither party to this game has one (grâce à Dieu). But what is «une tapette»? Ultralingua renders this one as  » a queer or homosexual. » Gee, quel drôle de jeu, I thought. Here they are singing:  » I have you, you have me, by the whiskers on our chin, the first one who laughs will have a homosexual. » A homosexual what?, I thought. First child? Yikes! Luckily my Langenscheidt French-English dictionary also includes « a gentle tap » as one of the meanings of this word.