Qu’est-ce qu’elles disent?


More than once during the course of FIA we are treated to this cute scene of Mireille and Marie-Laure playing this children’s game.

They sing in unison:

«Je te tiens, tu me tiens par la barbichette, la première qui rira aura une tapette.»

A «Barbichette» is a goatee according to the Ultralingua dictionary on my ‘puter. Makes sense, even though neither party to this game has one (grâce à Dieu). But what is «une tapette»? Ultralingua renders this one as  » a queer or homosexual. » Gee, quel drôle de jeu, I thought. Here they are singing:  » I have you, you have me, by the whiskers on our chin, the first one who laughs will have a homosexual. » A homosexual what?, I thought. First child? Yikes! Luckily my Langenscheidt French-English dictionary also includes « a gentle tap » as one of the meanings of this word.


6 Réponses

  1. To add, une tapette is a « fly swatter » and because of the association with the limp-wristed homosexual type mentioned above, it is also used to mean a homosexual.

  2. Yes, tapette means a little slap.

    It is also slang for an effiminate homosexual. Imagine him going around with a limp wrist swatting flies or just giving little hissy fits slapping at the air.

  3. Cette petite jeu, a-t-elle un nom? Si je voudrais la jouer avec un ami, qu’est-ce que je dirais?

  4. Cet article est moins gentil, même, en ce qui concerne les jeunes femmes avec des barbichettes. Mes excuses.

  5. C’est pas très gentil votre petite blague en ce qui concerne les homosexuels…

  6. Mon dieu! Looking at the picture, I still can’t believe that it has been 20 years. How fast the years go by…

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