Bonne Année 2017 !

Here’s a holiday photo sent in by the lovely Virginie Castellani (née Contesse) who we know as Marie-Laure. One of the highlights of the outgoing year for me was discovering the adult Virginie and welcoming her into our group of French in Action fans.

Wishing all the best in the year ahead to everyone in the extended French in Action family !



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  1. I went through the entire series last year which gave me a great overview and this year I am really going to focus on the lessons. I was very happy with the character of Marie Laure. She said what was on her mind and even when the other characters corrected her and in my American view, insulted her, she always bounced back with spirit. Too often in America, insults lead to physical fighting. This seems to show a culture with a thick skin, who fights more with words yet is not as easily injured by those words. Thanks Virginie for your portrayal of Marie-Laure. She showed a different type of strength I am learning to appreciate.

  2. Hi Seamus. I think you’re onto something there. It certainly seems different from our microaggression-sensitive culture. But of course FIA was produced in the mid-80s. I am sure French culture has changed in those 30 years, just as our has.

  3. Incroyable! C’est vraiment la comédienne qui jouait le rôle de Marie-Laure! (I know it sounds ridiculous but I’m almost speechless. I ask myself why I’m so happy to learn of the rediscovery of an actress in a foreign language learning program. Isn’t that a little peculiar? I think it’s because I’ve always adored the French language and I began learning it with FIA in 1991. Thinking back to this time does indeed also bring back many nice memories. And the cheeky, clever, independent Marie-Laure was a small part of that.) Mais il faut aussi dire que la à cette époque-là mademoiselle Contesse a joué ce rôle tellement bien. J’ai toujours apprécié son candeur et qu’elle n’avait aucune inhibition de l’exprimer. C’est aspect de Marie-Laure m’aide jusqu’a aujourd’hui car maintenant j’ai une fille de 5 ans qui montre des caractéristiques similaires. Merci pour les photos, Madame Castellani. You seem to be enjoying life with your family. That’s wonderful! 😀

  4. Anthony merci pour votre beau message , je vois que Marie Laure a marqué les esprits , même pour moi je n ai pu oublié ce rôle si attachant .
    Bonne continuation avec votre petite famille.
    Virginie ( Marie Laure ) 😊

  5. J’adore FIA et marie-laure!!♡♡♡ et aussi mireille et robert, et le professeur!!

  6. I am your fã Marie-Laure. Thanks to made me laugh in french action. I wanna be fluent in french here in Brazil.

  7. Merci Rafael pour votre message . Je suis heureuse que vous aimiez la serie et Marie Laure 😉.
    J espere que vous utiliserez la langue française au Brazil.
    Amicalement Marie Laure ( virginie ) .

  8. OMG! Thank you! I was a teenager in Brazil when I had the opportunity to watch French in Action on TV every Saturday morning. I used to be the best student ever, and voilà, that’s how I learned how to speak the language, being placed in an advanced level years later, when I formally got to study French at a formal school. I was lucky enough to get in touch with Mr. Capretz before he passed away, letting him know everything he had done to me. I was passionate about the French language, but didn’t know anyone who was able to speak it (there was no internet back then), and I lived in a town where there were no French classes. I will always be grateful to Pierre Capretz, and Valérie, Robert, Marie-Laure and the other characters will always live in my <3.

  9. I feel so grateful, too!!

  10. Merci salvatore , et je vous souhaite une très bonne année 2017. Amitiés Virginie.

  11. J’adore Marie Laure J’adore Marie Laure J’adore Marie Laure J’adore Marie Laure!!

  12. Je vous souhaite Barbara une merveilleuse année 2017 , et merci pour votre commentaire . Virginie (Marie Laure ).

  13. So precious!! FIA means so much to me and i was thrilled when we found marie laure at last!

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