Felicitations, Marion!

marion_cotillardWe are sure your dad is proud of you! Here is a short bio of the daughter of FIA’s l’homme en noir, Jean-Claude Cotillard. You need to see La Vie en Rose (La Môme en français) if you haven’t yet. Even though she lip synced in the movie, she’s quite a good singer herself. Below she renders a line of « Padam » and farther below is Marion receiving the French César award for best actress on February 22. Yes, she remembers to thank Papa. Lire la suite


la Closerie des Lilas

Closerie facade F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Henry Miller, Amedio Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, Jean-Paul Sartre, Gertrude Stein…the list goes on and on of giants of the arts and letters who, when in Paris, sought out the peaceful setting of la Closerie des Lilas for their preferred beverage, a bite to eat, and inspiration.

But for us FIA fans, two names eclipse all these others when we think of the la Closerie: Robert Taylor and Mireille Belleau. It was at this hallowed spot that Robert and Mireille spent leçons 19–21 in animated conversation. It was here in Leçon 20 that Robert becomes a bit dérangé by Mireille’s rapturous description of her prof d’art grecet paf, over goes his kir onto her skirt.

Mireille et Robert à la Closerie des Lilas

One morning last summer, my wife and I headed here for a rest after our perambulations through the Jardin du Lux. We hoped it would look as it had in FIA and we weren’t disappointed. Lire la suite