Notre wiki est né

Was it at a recent meeting of 40 members of the Académie Française that the gender of « wiki » was decided? (C’est masculin.) One more infantryman in the invading army of foreign words the French have to deal with: in this case not an English word, but a Hawaiian one, that has come to mean a collaborative website that anyone can contribute to. (Did I end that sentence with a preposition?) In any case, FIAfans now has its own wiki via Wikispaces. Lire la suite


Favorite FIA Parisian Scenes

FIA is not only a « tour de force » of the French language, but it is also a grand tour of the most beautiful city in the world – Paris. Each of us fans probably has several sights and sounds from the series that are most memorable. Two of my favorites are the Fontaine Medicis in Luxembourg Garden:

Fontaine Medici

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32, rue Guynemer


With apologies to the current tenants of this stately building who must now suffer more FIA fans out front each day snapping pictures, there it is, the real address of a fictional family that lives forever in our hearts. I might have hesitated to publish it at all, given the desire of notre prof to keep it a secret, were it not for the fact that le chat est déjà sorti du sac. Lire la suite

18, rue de Vaugirard


Been a bit quiet here lately, hasn’ it? Yes, well my excuse is a good one: I’ve been in Paris. While there, you can be sure, I paid visit to some FIA terre sacrée and collected some material for this blog. And what place better qualifies than 18, rue de Vaugirard? Does it exist?

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