Favorite FIA Parisian Scenes

FIA is not only a « tour de force » of the French language, but it is also a grand tour of the most beautiful city in the world – Paris. Each of us fans probably has several sights and sounds from the series that are most memorable. Two of my favorites are the Fontaine Medicis in Luxembourg Garden:

Fontaine Medici

… and the Stravinsky Fountain near Centre Georges Pompidou:

Stravinsky Fountain

(Maybe I have a thing for fountains.)

I am very fortunate to be able to live in Paris much of the year. If you have a favorite scene that you would like posted, I’ll do my best to add it here.


.. and here’s the Eiffel Tower requested by Old FIA Fan:

Eiffel Tower from Trocadero


8 Réponses

  1. Oh… If I am back in the States I am going try try to make it to Yale for the reunion.

  2. That’s a wonderful idea, vive Ousmane…..I know where a couple of places are maybe others can add to it. Should we use google maps or is there a better map to use?

  3. it would be lovely to have a map of paris and/or france with the locations of French in Action

  4. Merci mon ami….

  5. rodporte: Thanks for the kind words. If you have ideas for how we can make this a fun and useful site please let us know. (You see how fast Old FIA fan’s request was answered.) We’ll be here longer than two weeks!

  6. Ask, and ye shall receive… (Though it’s not an early morning shot.)


  7. Hi, Thank you. Thank you. Last spring I had a new interest in studying French again. While looking for web resources I found the Fancy Robot thread. I sent Liliana Segura an email thanking her. She didn’t answer. About two weeks later the thread disappeared without explanation. I tried to find it without success. Last week I accidentally deleted all my bookmarks, so tonight I was putting together new French bookmarks and I stumbled upon your site. It’s wonderful. Thank you. And thanks for the links–particularly the one to the Fancy Robot archive. And now that I’ve thanked you, I hope you stay around for longer than two weeks.


  8. Cher TexanInParis,

    My favorite view in the world is of the Eiffel Tower from the Trocadero / Palais de Chaillot (either in the morning or lit up at night). The next time you’re in the area, can you please snap a photo?

    Merci beaucoup…

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