Bonne Année 2021 !

My best wishes for a happy new year to all the FIA fans out there. Sort of seems 2021 *has* to be better than 2020. Although, as I write this on the evening of January 6 it seems the year hasn’t gotten off to the best start. Maybe we should start the year on January 20?

In any case, no one other than Robert—I mean Charles Mayer—sent me this video to post in which he’s slightly modified one our favorite scenes from FIA. I laugh every time I see it. We could use Mireille to kick a lot of derrière over here in the USA if only she would immigrate. Merci Charles !

P.S. Charles tells me this video was produced by Kevin D’Haeze of Rock Island Media.

3 Réponses

  1. Salut à tous!
    I just discovered (purely accidental!) French in Action on Youtube and just like Mr. Mayer said mieux vaut tard que jamais, right? It is incredible to see fans wondering about performers in this project throughout years (just like I did just before exploring these blogs) and to see all good and bad updates during these years.. Now, since we have the chance to be in the same platform with our beloved performers (I mean Mrs. Virginie Castellani’s comment is directly above mine :D), I thank you for this beautiful project that you left behind, it is truely timeless.

  2. Bienvenue sur FIAfans, Deniz !

  3. Merci Deniz pour votre message , c est toujours un plaisir de voir que cette série plaît aux gens.
    Amitiés Virginie ( Marie Laure 😉)

  4. Je vous souhaite a tous une bonne Année 2021 , prenez soin de vous . Virginie. ( Marie Laure ) .

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